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Tequoia Urbina's love for storytelling drives every project that she takes on. She is a creative professional with extensive experience spanning over 25 years. 

      Her journey in film began in the 6th grade and matriculated through film programs into college. Her love for film inspired her to create her production company, Magnolia Tree Productions.  

      Dedicated to perpetual growth, Tequoia has invested years into learning every facet of the production process, cultivating proficiency in diverse disciplines such as screenwriting, development, directing, lighting and sound design, and video editing.

      Presently, she stands at the helm as writer, producer, and director of the complex Horror Noir film, "The Deacon," currently in its development phase. Beyond this, she orchestrates a symphony of creativity with a slate of projects in various stages of development, including "Rooted," "Bi," "Dive into the Dark," "Billy," "La Garita," "Sandfly Trap," "The Sojourner," and "Freebooter Republic," building an eclectic legacy of storytelling and directing. 

    Tequoia 's past directorial work encompasses an array of thought-provoking projects that have garnered recognition and acclaim.

    Tequoia is an advocate for women and BIPOC creatives in the film community. She understands there is a lack of diversity in the film and TV industry and does her part to promote more women and BIPOC individuals in front of and behind the camera. She is a dedicated board member of the Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival who supports artivists (activist artists) on an international stage.

    She is also a founding member of The Black Entertainment Economic Council based in Atlanta, GA. This advocacy organization fights for the rights and respect of Black film industry professionals in the state. Other organizations that she volunteers her time with are Women of Color Unite, Women in Film and Television Atlanta, Film Fatale, and Alliance of Women Directors. 

    Tequoia has several upcoming projects that she is excited to complete in the upcoming year. Through her collaboration with Blue Bistro Creative her work will be included in the Urban Expressionism collection and a feature titled The Deacon. She is also a member of the writing collective Nine Armadillos, and she has several pilots coming out of the group in 2024. She, along with her two business partners, are currently in the development of an app and video game. 

         Tequoia strives daily to leave a positive legacy for her children and community. 


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