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the film


The Sojourner

The series takes place on a fictitious continent shared by two diametrically opposed countries. A  forest that lines the national border separates the southern dystopian society in the south, from it's richer neighbor to the north. The Northern government creates mechanical beasts, programmed to kill anyone that attempts to cross through the forest into their nation. This patch of land becomes a graveyard of lost souls who attempt to migrate into the north. The people become desperate for hope until one woman takes action into her own hands. Tanji becomes the guide they have been praying for. She masters the dangerous border and is the only one who can safely traverse people without casualty. She soon discovers that her fight is greater than the beasts and she has to decide if she's willing to risk it all for her personal mission of revenge.

The facts
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A production company with southern roots!

I named my production company Magnolia Tree because I grew up under the shade and protection of it. The tree was planted by my great-grandmother, years before I was born. The roots grew strong and exposed above the earth. I would hop on them, a game, trying to not fall off. What I didn’t know then, that I know now, is that the beautiful, fragrant tree of my childhood was a metaphor. Like the roots that refused to remain hidden, so are my ancestors and their influence over my life. They guide me daily along my path as I try my best not to fall off. I hope I have made them proud.

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The mission


The objective is to create a space within the sci-fi/supernatural genre where women and POC can find representation on screen and opportunity behind the camera. I aspire to write stories with strong female leads and diverse characters. 

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